Got some good work done in the garden this morning. I planted two peonies. In the process I started digging out the grass/weeds from around the four I had already planted and defining that garden. It is really wonderful to see the front yard starting to take shape. I’ve been wanting to work on it for the past five or six years, but was so buried by weeding that I never got to it. I decided I was going to get to it no matter what this year because the front of the house just looks pitiful. This next week I’m going to buy some of what I need to put in the picket fence and start slowly working on that so that I have it complete by fall. That way I’ll be able to paint it before next winter. I found out that you need to let treated wood finish drying before you paint it. Unfortunately, I found it out the hard way, by painting some too soon and having mold develop under the paint. Boy does that look disgusting and there’s really no way to get rid of it because if you paint over it, it just grows into the next layer of paint. I’m going to try some cleanser that is supposed to kill it, but not kill my plants sometime this summer. I’ll let you know if it works because it needs repainting, but I don’t want to do so if it is just going to look terrible again.

One thing I decided is that I need to include more photos in my journal. So, I’m going to take pictures of before and after, especially for the garden work that’s being done. That way I’ll have a visual record as well.

Unfortunately, the rest of the day was a bust. I felt so incredibly tired that I just didn’t want to do anything, and I didn’t. We did make pizza (and our bread maker died in the process of making dough this morning, so I tried it in the food processor. It does not work well at all! Then I took a nap and just sort of frittered away the rest of the day.

Guess I need to do that once in awhile, just have a goof-off day.

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