Today was supposed to be a down day, but not as down as it ended up being. I thought I’d putter around the house all day getting little things done. Instead, I got into a long Internet search for a camping tent in the morning. So long, in fact, that it didn’t end until almost lunchtime. I do think I’ve found something that will work, though.

Then we went out for lunch at a local Mexican restaurant. After that, we went to pick up some screening. I thought we’d head home then, but my husband wanted to look at the storage buildings that are being sold nearby. This ended up taking much longer than expected, because he got in a long discussion with the salesperson about alternative health, eating healthy, etc. This just happens to be his field of expertise. We looked at the buildings and picked out the things we liked and didn’t like. We saw a couple of interesting products we’ll look into for the potting shed. Probably won’t buy one ready built as they are very expensive and none of them came in the configuration I want.

Unfortunately, while we were galavanting about the sun came out. I didn’t know it was supposed to shine at all yesterday. I thought we were in for another day of rain. We were gone much longer than expected and I had forgotten to turn the fan back on in the greenhouse, after the storm the other night. I peeked in to see how everything was and it was totally wilted. I mean flat to the pot. I ran in really quickly, turned on the fan, hooked up the hose and watered everything in sight, spraying the air to cool the air more quickly. Then set up the mister to continue cooling things down. I’ll have to see how many plants I fried in the morning (sad face).

Then we headed home. However, I had hardly gotten my journal entry written when Sarvasri came out and asked me to go to a presentation in town. I didn’t really want to go, but I have begged off of so many events that I thought it was time I went somewhere with him.

Off we went to a presentation that was marginally interesting. It would have been a lot more interesting if the person had actually told about what we were seeing. Instead he just had us watch some videos about his treks to various high altitude regions of the world.

So, my day off ended up being out and about and not productive or restful at all.

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