Today I focused a lot on the garden, as the weather was very cool. I cleaned out half of the new garden I prepared last fall and planted some of the Passalong Plant Sale plants in it. I knew it was going to rain (but not as much as it did), so wanted to get them in before the soil got too wet to work again.

I also cleaned out the lovely little garden I started in the back this Spring. Seems there were lots of weed seeds just waiting for me to disturb the soil so they could start growing. Unfortunately, two fo the new plants I bought this Spring are not doing well. I think all the wet weather we’ve had recently has kept their roots too wet. I’m hoping they will snap out of it once we get into drier weather. Luckily, they came with a one year guarantee. If they die I will get my money back.

I did find some catmint that somehow managed to seeds itself in. I never grew the plant in that area and haven’t had any plants in the yard for a couple of years, so it was a real surprise to find them there. 

That took me to the middle of the afternoon and really tuckered me out. Unfortunately, that meant I took a very long nap and felt drained for the rest of the day. I did manage to get the laundry completed. I also worked on the cross stitch piece for some time. Other than that I just blooped around the house.

Tomorrow I’m going to limit my time outside (especially since it poured last night) and the soil is way too wet to do any digging.

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