It rained heavily and for an extended period of time last night, so there was no working in the garden this morning. Instead, I taught my husband how to transplant his avocado trees. While he was working on that I finally tackled the task of organizing the shelves of small items that were in total disarray. This was due to the fact that my husband very suddenly wanted to work on a project for the greenhouse and needed me to move everything out of the way. I hurriedly moved everything, just dumping things in a big heap. Finally, I took the time to get like things together and into small boxes. Now I’ll be able to find what I need. I even found the package of bubbler emitters for the drip irrigation system we’re designing. They’d gotten to the bottom of a container that is supposed to be used for mixing potting soil. That is how disorganized everything was.

We now have happy avocados and happy me, because I can now find what I need and I can actually walk through the greenhouse without having to step over anything. There is still some work that needs to be done, but we have to get the propane containers out of there so that I can get to it. I will actually enjoy potting things now.

In the afternoon we made a trip up to an organic garden center to get the alfalfa meal we’d ordered. A friend of ours owns it, so we try to do business with them whenever possible. He’s a plant lover and when I asked if he would be interested in any of the divisions I need to make in my plants as I move them, he was excited. At least I won’t have to throw all the plant material in the compost pile, phew.

I came home and sat down to watch the news and somewhere while it was on I fell asleep. When I woke up I worked on the cross stitch piece some and then had a couple of things I needed to take care of before retiring for the night.

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