Today was a play day. We started out at the “Biggest Yard Sale in the Triad.” Unfortunately, it wasn’t much to get excited about. We visited Goodwill, which was right around the corner, looking for the items we were looking for at the yard sale. Again, to no avail.

Then we headed off to India Fest. This was more promising. While walking from the car to the event we also happened on a kid’s festival of some sort and Juneteenth, a celebration of small businesses.

Once at the festival we learned some about many of the states in India from some posters they’d made. It was interesting to note that there was not one state with more than 8% of the population. Seeing the beautiful clothing from each region was interesting, as well. There is quite a variety of styles, colors, and ornamentation that is unique to each region. We topped it off with a tasty meal.

On the way back to the car we visited the historical museum. Most of what they had displayed we had seen before. They did have a traveling show of old typewriters. This was fun because they brought back many memories of learning to type as a teen. They also had a most interesting typewriter, a musical typewriter. It had all the necessary notation for music. I couldn’t imagine working with it though. It looked very labor-intensive and since my notation is quite legible, I probably would have just hand-written my works.

Once home, partly from the excursion but probably mostly from the meal, I fell into a deep sleep for about 2 hours! I was surprised I slept that long.

In the evening we watched our favorite online show. I worked on the cross stitch piece during most of it and got a good bit done.

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