Thought today was going to be a BIG planting day. Started out working on digging out what we thought was a dead fig tree. We hadn’t done anything to it this Spring because it didn’t show any signs of growing. It was totally choked with weeds and we had it most of the way dug out when I saw that it had growth on it! So sad. We should have checked it closer before we started digging. Then it became a triage operation. Luckily we didn’t break the main root, and even many of the smaller roots were intact. So we cleaned out all the weeds and then re-dug the hole carefully around the big and planted it back in the hole. We gave it a lot of fertilizer, some soil critters, probiotics for the soil, mulch and everything else we could think of to give it a chance to survive. I covered it with window screen so that the super hot sun we were having wouldn’t burn it up before it has a chance to re-establish its root system. Now we have to figure out what to do with the replacement fig we bought. I guess that’s a good thing. 

I got two other plants in the ground. The first is an arborvitae called ‘Sunkist.’ Cute little thing that is supposed to get about 5’ tall and 3’ around. The second is a double Knockout rose I scored for just $3 at Lowe’s in the distressed plants. By then, since it had taken us so long with the fig tree, it was hot and humid out and I was ready to head indoors.

The rest of the day was taken up with housecleaning, that should have only taken a few hours, but the vacuum stopped working properly, so we had to tear it all apart and get it going again. it ended up taking until the late evening hours to get just the main part of the house vacuumed, bummer.

Anyway, great plans are sometimes thwarted by things you cannot anticipate. A tree that’s playing dead and a vacuum that is dead, both put a wrench in getting very much accomplished.

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