Outdoors and indoors everything was much more successful today. In the morning we harvested all the rye and pea seeds from our cover crop so that we don’t have to buy seeds this fall. Then my husband used the lawnmower and cut the crops into bits that we then raked back onto the gardens. Now I have five gardens completely ready to plant with summer crops and one that we have to cut the cover crop down a different way because I have some volunteer plants that came up that we don’t want to mow down.

Then I managed to get a bunch of stuff cleaned up in the house. Much of what I had wanted to do yesterday. I also got a load of recycling taken to the dump. That was ten times what I managed to do yesterday.

This evening I went to the knitting group and got a tremendous amount done on my sock. I got the heel completely finished and finished several rounds of the foot portion. I’m getting closer to a completed project, yay!

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