Didn’t feel much like gardening today. Since it had rained cats and dogs last night I decided I would do just a couple things. First I would finally take the time to feed the birds. Second, we would start a bunch of sunflower seeds in the greenhouse. We have to start them inside because we have critters that dig up and eat all the seeds if we try to plant them in the garden. 

We used peat pots because sunflowers don’t like being transplanted. This means we will just plant the pot and all. I had 12 different varieties and we planted two pots of each variety. Actually, I have 13, but they are already planted and are blooming.

After a delicious late breakfast of pancakes, I crashed and fell sound asleep. I’ve been feeling a bit off for the past week, tired all the time, and my eyes have been aching like I’m about to come down with the flu or something, so the rest did me a lot of good.

In the afternoon we got a number of things finished up. It took us a long time to order all the drip irrigation fittings we needed. I also made a couple of calls that have been waiting for me to do so. I paid a bill, etc. 

In the evening I finally completed a repair that needed to be done. The cording on one of our blinds had frayed and we could no longer open it. I had ordered the cording a few months ago, but never took the time, until tonight, to complete the repair. It was so simple. It only took me about a half-hour to do the entire thing. Glad to have it working again.

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