Happy Summer!

OMG! I worked so hard outside this morning that I could hardly walk when I came in. It started with doing the edge mowing of the entire yard. You wouldn’t think this was a big deal, but we have around ½ acre and a lot of gardens that need to be mowed around because the riding mower can’t get close enough. Add to that, I didn’t get to mowing for two weeks, yet again. This was mainly due to my work schedule and rain. They seemed to be in tandem to keep me from being able to mow. When I was working it was sunny. When I was at home it rained. We put a new spark plug and some carburetor cleaner in the mower and it was working so much better. A little TLC goes a long way to extending the life of small engine tools.

Each time I filled up my garden cart with clippings I would stop and mulch a garden. This gave me a few minutes to catch my breath and cool off.

The last load of clippings was for the herb garden that was choked with weeds, again. I thought it wouldn’t be a problem because there was a nice brisk wind, but the garden was well protected and it was sweltering hot working there. I managed to get a ton of weeds out, but not all. I need to come at it from under the deck to get the back of the garden and didn’t feel like climbing around in there today. It looks a lot better and the plants are no longer in competition with weeds.

Since I came in so late we decided to have a nice lunch at the local Mexican restaurant. Of course, once home I took a long rejuvenating nap, too long because I found it difficult to go to sleep at night.

In the evening I did a little knitting and some cross-stitch. I’m getting more and more excited to get my sock finished. I did several repeats today. I’m hoping to get it finished up this next week, so I’ll be focusing on that in the evenings. I can’t wear them until fall but at least they’ll be ready for me.

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