Started out in the garden today. Cleaned out a garden and then planted 24 sweet peppers. I always protect them with screening, so that they can get used to being out in the sun full time. I’m not very good at hardening off. This seems to work pretty well for me. I’ve rarely lost a plant and they seem to acclimate pretty well. I also added a row of marigolds for pest protection. At the far end of the garden, I’m going to scatter some wildflower seeds, if I can find them.

Before coming in I harvested marionberries, blackberries, and blueberries. The marion and blackberries are coming to an end, but I still managed to get about a half a bucket full. The blueberries are just starting to ripen, so only got about a quarter of a bucket full. However, when they are in full swing we’ll get two or three bucketfuls a day! They are the main reason we now have a chest freezer. We just couldn’t eat them fast enough and lost quite a few to spoilage until we got the freezer.

Continuing with marathon activity. I started back in on the lampshade cover. I glued all the ribbon ends together and left them to dry. While they were drying a decided to try making a small bag out of half of the body of the sweater. It came out so cute. It feels so great to find another way to use this sweater that I would still be wearing if it were “publicly consumable.” 

The sweater has sentimental value as well. My sister, Jan, bought us all matching sweaters (different color, same design) for us to have our pictures taken one year. So whenever I use to wear the sweater I would remember the fun we had together on that trip. Now I’ll be able to remember our “sister’s reunion” every time I turn on my light or use the small bag (there may be another one of those coming up, cause I still have half of the body of the sweater to deal with).

Before I left for the knitting club I sewed the lace on the bottom and then put the shade cover on the lamp. It came out really cute and is a great way to freshen up a rather sad looking shade.

Sage based lamp with conical shade before knitted shade cover and after
Before it was a plain Jane. After its cuteness factor has increased exponentially!

Then off to knitting club where I continued the work on my sock. About halfway through the meeting a crocheter, who has only come to a few meetings, brought in a big box full of knitting books and magazines that were being given away. Of course, we all had to stop our projects and look through them in the hopes of finding that perfect next project. I found a couple of books and a magazine that had projects that interested me. Only four more repeats of the pattern and I’m ready to start the toe decrease. I should have a full pair of socks soon.

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