Today is my Saturday, so I didn’t work outside too much this morning. I’ll get back at it again tomorrow. All I did was move the last of the seedling flats onto the deck and watered the new plantings.

Now that the heat of the summer is upon us, I need to look at setting up a more well-rounded schedule. It needs to include a couple hours of gardening in the early morning and then time working on my web site, some creative time, some time working on routing household chores, and some time completing the remodel that we started years ago.

I did it, I did it, I green and purple did it! I finally won a bid for a Bernina Artista 730 embroidery machine. I’ve wanted an embroidery machine for probably a decade. The economic downturn was very hard on us. We lost our business and it has taken years to get reasonably solvent. Since I started my part-time job I’ve been saving every penny I could in order to get this machine.

I came really close around a half dozen times, but every time a last-second bid would win out. Most of the time it was no more than $20, but I couldn’t get another bid in fast enough. Today was really strange, absolutely nobody bid against me and I got it for the lowest bid price. I was shocked, to say the least. I’ve never seen this happen with this model machine before, so it must have been meant to be mine. And it is mine, all mine! I’m just coming back down from the stress of bidding (because you don’t know if anyone else is going to do a last minute bid higher than the highest you’ve put in). Now I just have to wait for it to get here. eBay says around the 10th of July, so I have ten long days to wait, argh!

In the afternoon I didn’t feel very good, so I rested for a while. Then I did some knitting on the sock and only have one more pattern repeat to go. Hopefully, I’ll get that done tomorrow.

In the evening I worked on the edge mowing. I didn’t get it all done because my husband had a little tragedy with his home built sprayer trailer. He recently got a 25-gallon sprayer to do biological growing on our property. He’s been spraying soil bacteria and last night he was foliar feeding the plants. Sadly, his little trailer took a tumble on an incline and it took us forever to get it onto another sturdier wagon. In the process, one of my fingers got smashed by the 25-gallon weigh of the container, because as he was lowering it back onto the wagon it shifted sideways and trapped my finger. Needless to say, it hurt like crazy. I iced it and we did healing work on it. We’ll just have to see how bad it is in the morning.

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