Happy 4th of July!

We had a gathering to go to in the afternoon but started the day out with feeding all the potted plants I still have. I got that done and the weather was still so mild that I started cleaning out a garden that was a total mess. In the process, I unearthed some marigold and clown flower volunteers. I also discovered that the hydrangea vine, that I thought was dead is still alive, just barely, but it is alive. When I finished that we discovered that we’d been outside way longer than we thought. We had to make a mad rush to get ready for the gathering.

In the afternoon we headed over to a potluck. My husband had met the woman hosting the event recently, so it was an all new crowd. It was a pleasant day. However, I had closed up the greenhouse because we were supposed to have thunderstorms. We didn’t have a drop of rain and the sun had come out. When I got home most of my plants in the greenhouse were partially fried. I was very sad. I will move them out under a tree on Monday, so this doesn’t happen again.

In the evening I got a notice from the lady I bought the sewing machine from that I should get it tomorrow. I’m so excited!!!

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