Today was a play day with my new machine! After having to run errands on the day it came and then working two long days I finally got to spend a day learning how to use my machine. It was harder work than I thought it would be. This machine has so many bells and whistles my mind was awhirl with all the instructions.

I am very pleased with the embroidery portion of the machine. Everything else is pretty much like any other machine, except I have tons of decorative stitches to play with. A few things are a little more complex than on my other machine, but the fact that it embroiders is what is most important, in my eye. 

I am having one strange problem. It keeps giving a warning sign that the bobbin needs to be checked. Of course, the bobbin is completely full, because I just filled it, but for some reason, the sensor is not being able to “see” it, so it keeps telling me to check it out. I’ve written the seller to see if she’s had this problem and has a fix. If not we may just have to put in a claim with UPS to get it working properly. At least the machine continues to work, but it is annoying to have the warning up on the screen all the time.

I’ve already planned my first embroidery attempt. I’m going to embroider the yoke of the summer nightie I’m redoing. That way if it doesn’t turn out very well the only one that will see it will be the gremlins in my dreams, lol, and my husband, of course.

I was pretty exhausted by the time I got done trying everything out. It is a good kind of exhaustion, though. I know as I get used to the machine it will get easier and eventually be old hat. I’ll keep the manual close at hand for the time being as there are so many permutations of things you can do that I know I’m not going to remember them all right off.

The only thing I didn’t play with was the BSR (Bernina Stitch Regulator). I’ll do that tomorrow. For now, I’m glad to have had a whole day to play with it and get at least a little familiar with it. I took a little break in the evening and did something familiar, that required less concentration.

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