Earlier I had planned to plant seeds today for some of the summer and early fall plants. Then I realized I needed to move all the plants out of the greenhouse since they got burned pretty badly the last time I had to shut it up. This meant I had to clean up the weeds outside the greenhouse, lay the weed barrier down, and move all the plants to summer homes.

I chose to move the trees that got badly burned out under the trees that border the quarter acre of woods we have on our property. This way they will have some time to recover from losing many of their leaves without the stress of intense sun. I put the Meyer’s lemons out where they will get some sun because they need it.

Front entrance to greenhouse clogged with weeds.

Outside the greenhouse, I moved all the small plants, mainly amaryllis and iris. It took quite a while to get all the weeds out of the front of the greenhouse. I saw two tiny frogs while doing the weeding. I almost squished one of them when I was pounding the ground to tamp it down after the weeding. Luckily it was fast and jumped out of the way. I moved two of the tray benches outside and filled them with the plants. I’ll need to watch these plants closely over the next week to make sure they are not getting too much sun.

Greenhouse after weeding, with weed barrier and plants on shelves
and After!

Just before I went inside I rescued some frog eggs from the wheelbarrow and put them into a large tub we have that is full of water and already had pollywogs in it. This seems to be a summer for frogs for us. We have pollywogs in three different containers right now and, as mentioned, I’m seeing tiny frogs in abundance all over the yard. This makes me happy. Frogs are good for a garden.

It was such a nice mild day that I didn’t mind doing all this and would have continued to work outdoors, but I got so hungry I just had to stop. Since today is pizza day, I will probably want a nap after lunch. Pizza usually gives me the sleepies. 

I did get a message back from Elsie. She said that she had turned off the bobbin case warning a long time ago and forgot about it. I did a quick search to see what it would cost to replace it and found it was a design flaw. The sensor is too sensitive, lol! So, I’ll just turn the sensor off and sew away. So glad it wasn’t anything major.

I totally finished my socks at the knitting group last night. All I had left to do was weave in the ends. It seemed like I had a ton of them to do, until I did it. Think it was that most of my ends were entirely too long, so it looked like a lot more work than it was. So, I have my first finish for July! I just need to photograph them. Then they get a week in the freezer to kill any moth eggs that might be in them (I’m having a little trouble with moths right now). Then into the storage container with all the cedar blocks in it to be stored until the fall when I can actually wear them.

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