Last night when my husband came to bed he woke me up. This is a rare occurrence, however, I couldn’t get back to sleep. I went and played a few computer games and realized I wasn’t sleepy at all. I decided I’d put another coat of paint on the boxes I’m painting for in the greenhouse (eventually the potting shed). There I sat until around 3:30 in the morning painting clementine boxes to be used to store all the smaller items I have for gardening.

It seems like gardening takes forever. I wanted to get the rest of the tomato seedlings planted and all the rest of the summer seeds in the ground. I managed to get one tomato plant and the corn seeds planted. That was about half of what I thought I would get done.

I think that this is caused in part, and maybe mostly, because there are things that have to be done before I can do the planting. Today I replaced one tomato that had somehow gotten broken off about a week after I planted it. It was not chomped by a bug. It was a clean break so I have no idea what happened. In order to do this, I had to edge the garden and weed it. I’m really trying to keep the weeds at bay this year.

In order to plant the corn, I had a much bigger task. At one time we had started to put a concrete border around the gardens, actually around this one garden. That is as far as we made it. Over the years the concrete keeps getting buried as the rains wash the soil down the slight slope the garden set on. When I was cleaning the weeds out I kept hitting the concrete under about 2-3” of soil. So, I had to find the concreted area and clean it off completely. I don’t want to plant seeds in only 2-3” of soil! This took an interminably long time, thus only managing to get about half what I wanted to be done. I’ll just have to continue tomorrow and get the tomatoes in the ground.

In the afternoon I took pictures of many of the projects I’ve finished in the past several months. I need to order a small item tent to take pictures in. The setup I have is wobbly and a real pain to take up and down.  I’ll look at them on eBay and Amazon over the next few days and make a decision.  really need a better way to take pictures, better lighting and a better background.

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