My husband took off for a conference for a couple days this morning. I enjoyed being alone and taking it easy. Before he left I did take the time to finish clearing out the garden in which I will be planting the rest of the tomato seedlings.

Once he was gone I took a trip to the local thrift store and scored three new pairs of capris. I got them for free because I had a punch card that was full and gave me $5 off. I like sewing my own clothes, but when I can get some items for less than I can make them, especially free, it is hard to pass up.

After a nap, I just puttered around doing nothing important until evening, when I decided to start work on a new project, the crochet bag I mentioned a few days ago. I managed to get it started and did a number of rows, even changing colors and have started the first colorwork section. By that time it was time to head to bed because I work tomorrow and I need to be fresh and full of vigor.

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