It was a strange few days alone. I thought I would get a lot done. In fact, I slept more than anything. On Thursday I took a nap in the afternoon, Friday I went to bed early, today I took a very long nap for most of the afternoon.

I did get a few more things done today than just napping. I worked out in the garden and got 18 tomato seedlings planted. I tried, in vain, to find homes for some of them. Eventually, I gave up and put them in the ground. I don’t need 18 more plants. I already have 12 in the ground from earlier plantings, but I can’t throw them away!

I also cleaned out two of the other vegetable gardens, so that I can put out the last of the seedings and start some of the fall crops. I even managed to get one-quarter of a circular garden, that had been swallowed by grass, cleaned out. I found some arugula seedlings hiding in the grass, so we’ve got a start on the fall crop for those. I’ll finish that tomorrow and hopefully get the rest of the seeds and seedlings in the ground.

In the afternoon I worked on the crochet bag and really got the color work started. My joins aren’t the best in the west but I’ll just have to keep working on getting them more even. At least it looks pretty much like the bag I’m trying to reproduce. That’s a step in the right direction for me and crochet.

In the evening I put another coat of paint on the little boxes for the greenhouse. It is taking a lot of layers to cover the logo on the sides. This is mostly due to the fact that the paint is very old and is much runnier than it was when it was new. Somewhere there is a breakdown in the composition of the paint, but I’m trying to use it up rather than throwing it all away. This means a bunch of coats of paint until it looks good. I have three done with just two to complete. Then I’ll mask off one end and put the chalkboard paint on it in several coats, as well. I’ll give them a try for a few months to see how they hold up in a hot and humid environment. If they do well I have a bunch more I’ll paint. That way all my gardening stuff will be neatly organized and easily accessible. If it doesn’t work well I’ll have to go back to square one.

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