Was outside by 6:30 this morning. I’m finding it so much nicer to work outside very early in the morning now that we’re into the mid-summer humid heat. I finished off the garden I started on yesterday. I got an overflowing cartful of weeds from one six foot round space. I was shocked that it was so covered in weeds.

Then I moved on to planting. I only managed to get the watermelons and other melons planted. I bought four watermelon seedlings the other day because I’m not sure the seeds I put in today will get mature enough to make edible fruit. I wanted to plant more but it was getting really warm out and I needed to spend at least a half hour harvesting blueberries. The rest of the seeds and seedlings will have to wait until tomorrow, bummer.

My husband returned from his weekend conference about the time I finished planting. After harvesting blueberries, I asked if he wanted fresh blueberry muffins. Of course, I knew I didn’t need to ask. He’s always ready for blueberry muffins. They were delicious, scrumptious even. We’ve not had fresh blueberry muffins since this time last year. Frozen are good, but not quite the same as fresh.

In the afternoon I painted another coat on the little boxes. Finished up one more so only have one left to do at least one, maybe two, more coats of paint on. Then I’ll be ready to do the chalkboard label area.

Then I turned to some organizing. I had organized my craft paints at one time but decided they needed another layer. I broke them into purely craft paints, purely fabric paints, craft or fabric paints, and specialty paints (like patio, ceramic, etc.). I put all like colors of each paint together so that I can see at a glance if I have the color I need/want.

Then in the heat of the organizing frenzy, I finally attacked my buried desk. OMG, I can actually see my desk and the trays that used to be overflowing are either empty or have one or two pieces that I need to deal with in them. 

That is a huge weight off my shoulders, as I had no idea if I had anything important hiding amongst the shifting mounds. I rarely get behind on paperwork. I’m not really sure what happened this time to cause the Himalayan sized piles of paper. I am elated to have it back under control.

I’m getting organized on a level I’ve never done before and it feels good. It is actually liberating because I know where things are and can easily lay my hands on what I need. It used to be I searched until I found it. That search could last days and sometimes even weeks. I think I was a bit reticent to organize my “fun” stuff. I was afraid it would make it feel too much like an office job. It has done just the opposite. As I’ve gotten more organized it is freeing my creativity and I know what I have to create with.

I still have most of my craft items, my patterns, and my notions to get truly organized. Each step, though, means I don’t have to keep all that information in my head. I can just open the app and search for what I need. This reduces stress, which again frees up more creativity. If I keep up at this rate I’ll be wildly creative in no time!

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