Today was an errand day. I actually got to have lunch with a friend of mine that I’ve been trying to get her birthday present to since late May. She’s been in and out of town so much that we just couldn’t make our schedules match.

Other than that it was rather uneventful. I did add a couple skeins of yarn to my stash. There is a yarn crawl in this region right now. I can’t make it to all the stores so I can’t win the big prize but I did enter for the store prizes. I was able to get to two of the stores in town. I picked up a closeout of some 100% alpaca yarn. I got three skeins for just $7.50! Then at my favorite shop, I picked up a skein of yarn for a new pair of socks. I really didn’t need the yarn from either store, but wanted to support the local stores. So many of them are going by the wayside that I try to do what I can to keep them going.

I also swang by the fabric store and got several yards of tear-away stabilizer. Now I can try some more embroidery. I discovered I was very low on it when I went to try the embroidery module the first time.

Anyway, it was 4:30 in the afternoon before I really started my household errands. That means I got home very, very late. Only took the time to put stuff away and then headed for bed. Tomorrow is a workday so need my beauty rest!

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