Rain, rain, rain, and more rain. Today it rained heavily almost the entire day. We had over 2” when we got up this morning and it looks like more than an inch after I emptied the gauge mid-morning. Obviously, there was no gardening done. I did go out and pull out the decorative pots I have for houseplants. All my plants need new homes. I don’t have many nice ones left so I guess I’ll just have to buy some new ones (shucky-darn with a delighted grin on my face). I need to get some cactus and succulent soil since most of my indoor plants have migrated to being one or the other.

Instead of working outside I mostly puttered around the house getting various things taken care of. It was that kind of day, some ironing, some bills paid, repaired a couple things, stored the last of the winter wools away, that sort of stuff.

I did spend some time fleshing out the forum section for the site. I looked at some other sites that have crafting or arts forums to see what they include. From this, I got a good idea of what people respond to. Some of the chats had hardly any entries, while others were very busy. I’ll base what I put up on what others found were important to their members. I’m hoping to finish that section this week.

I really need to take the time to get better lighting for photos and videos, since what I’ve tried so far has been a dismal failure. I’ll add that to my to-do list for this week, as well. I want to start videoing some tutorials but feel I can’t do a good job until I have better lighting so the quality of the video will be acceptable.

In the evening I went to the knitting group and worked on my crochet bag. I finished up the increases and started on the sides of the bag. I’m having a lot of fun with this bag, which is good. I don’t usually enjoy crocheting very much. Funny that I can knit like crazy, but struggle so much with crochet. I’m still amazingly slow. In two hours I only finished 2.5 rounds, the largest of which was only 120 stitches. Ah well, at least I’m enjoying the process this time. I’m even thinking about trying a hat next.

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