The rain ended in the late afternoon and by sunset the skies were clearing. Early this morning the coolness brought in by the storm yesterday was still with us. It was just 59˚F when I got up this morning. That is nearly 20 degrees less than a couple days ago!

I was a little slow in getting out into the garden this morning. Finally, around 8:00 a.m. we went out to do some work. Because it was so cool starting later didn’t really matter. I worked on cutting back the old growth on the north side marionberries. After they produce berries they need to be cut to the ground so that the new canes can grow well. It is on these canes that next springs berries will appear. It was quite satisfying to stand back and look at what was a tangle of dead and half-dead canes and see the new growth all tied up in place. Not a dead cane in sight. Sadly, it appears that we’ve lost several plants this year. Luckily, we still have some volunteers that need to be moved so we can replace them easily this fall.

Once the marionberries were happy again, I turned my attention to the north side vegetable garden. This is the garden where I will grow our fall garden. It is now a little past time to start the crops that require more time, but I’ll go ahead and put them in. I got the garden totally cleaned out and looking really nice. I may go back out this evening and plant some seeds. If not, I’ll start on that tomorrow morning.

I did a couple of local errands and then fell asleep, really asleep. Even when I woke up I didn’t want to get up. I know that if I sleep too much during the day I don’t sleep at night so I rallied myself to get up.

I spent a long time in the evening looking for patterns for my new yarn. I’m trying to find something to use approximately 400 yards of alpaca DK weight. I have 260 in one color and 130 in another. So far I haven’t found anything really exciting, but I’ll keep looking. The sock yarn is another thing. There are a billion patterns out there. Since I’ve only made one pair of socks that means I have almost a billion patterns to choose from. Yikes! It is daunting at best. I have found one pair that has a leaf motif on it that I like a lot but am not 100% convinced it is what I want to do so I’ll keep looking.

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