I finally got the first of the fall vegetable seeds planted. There were enough varieties of crops that I filled half the bed that I have ready for them. I still have crops that are to be planted in August to go. I may have to find more space somewhere. Actually, a couple of beds are not completely full, so I could use that space for crops I know will finish up when it gets too cold, like summer squash. We need to be able to put a cover crop on all but the one garden, if possible.

Triptych of garden planting set. First is the ruler, dibbler and seeds. Second is the stakes with cord set out in a pattern to plant seeds. Third is ruler and dibbler in use to space seeds.
Here’s my new set in action. No 1.-seeds, ruler, and dibbler ready for action. No.2-garden stakes and string laid out in grid pattern to make each 12″ square. No. 3-ruler and dibbler marking holes for seeds.

I got to use my new planting set. We do something similar to square foot gardening so I used the stakes with the string between them to mark out the squares. Then I used the ruler with the dibble and marked out holes for the seeds. It made planting faster and easier on the finger that I used to make the holes with.

I then worked on defining the edge of the other side of the shade garden. I want to be able to start planting it soon. This means cleaning out honeysuckle, poison ivy, and tons of annual weeds. I worked on the edge that will be along the pathway into the woodland garden.  I got that defined pretty well. Next chance I get I will finish up the front edge so that I know where to put the poor, sad-looking dwarf Alberta spruce. I want it to be stationed approximately equal to its sibling. It got planted two years ago and looks much better than the one leg tot plant. Hopefully, it will catch up with its sibling after it’s been in the ground for a couple of years. I hate it when I have great plans but it takes way to long to execute them and the plants suffer. I’m trying to refrain from doing that any more.

We had fun in the evening. Some artists and makers had put together a 9 hole putt putt golf course at one of the nearby galleries. Some of them were extremely creative, others pretty run of the mill. It didn’t take that long to go through it so we went out for an evening treat before heading home.

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