Phew! We finished putting in the main hose against the back of the house. It was really difficult because the gardens are all planted. This meant having to be very careful not to step on or break off any plants. We managed to keep all the plants intact and get the hose down the nearly 60 feet of the house. This will be the main waterline to the greenhouse and the north side of the house. It will be nice when I have continuous water at the greenhouse. Right now I have to drag a  hose over to hook the greenhouse hose to. It is one of the coiled hoses that shrinks up when not in use. They are great for tight places like the greenhouse. It keeps from having hoses lying all over the floor to trip over. 

It was very tiring work. I’m glad I’m in as good a shape as I am because I was having to hold myself up and stand in very strange positions in order to do what needed to be done and not damage any plants. Both of us were exhausted by the time we got in. However, we did have to dig up some of the lemon balm and that had to be dealt with immediately. We cut off all the little stems and threw them in the dehydrator. We’ll have lemon balm to put in our kombucha now. My husband says it is supposed to be really good in it. We’ll see…

We were so tired neither one of us wanted to fix lunch so, for the second time in a week, we went to the local Mexican restaurant. Being tired and eating beans and cheese, both of which have tryptophan in them, put us both into a long afternoon siesta.

At least after this is all done most, if not all, of the watering will be automated. That will free us up to do more creative things in the garden and ensure our plants are getting the water they need.

In the evening I continued my search for patterns for my new yarn. Haven’t found anything yet for the alpaca. It seems I don’t have enough for most patterns that interest me. I’ll just have to keep looking…

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