It feels like gardening has consumed my life. I wanted to spent just two hours outside this morning but ended up spending almost three hours outside, all because of weeds. Well, not actually. I helped my husband a little bit with the drip irrigation that he’s putting in. Then I had to save our blueberries. We’ve never had any problem with birds. Oh, yeah, they eat a few but this year they’re eating them like crazy. Usually, it has been the resident mockingbirds. This year I’ve seen numerous mockingbirds (which means they are not all residents because we have a pair that come back every year to have babies in our camellias), but also goldfinches, cardinals, house finches, and several other small birds I haven’t been able to identify, munching all the best berries. The entire tops of the bushes are bare and we didn’t even start to harvest them! Boohoo! So I put out some old CDs so that they will hang and twist and flash in the breeze and I cut several long lengths of old hose that will look like snakes in the bushes. I’ve been out twice since and no birds in the bushes.

After lunch, we researched ways to deter birds and found that snake decoys seem to work very well. We went to our local Family Dollar and picked up six of them and distributed them among our blueberry bushes. I’ll make sure to move them every few days to keep them guessing. I’ll try and remember to let you know if they work.

In the evening was knitting group. I found a pattern I liked but it would need some changes to work for me. I talked with Bonnie, our resident master knitter (literally, she’s taken the master knitter course), and she thinks that if I make the changes I want I’ll get the desired results. She wants me to make a gauge swatch so that we can figure out how to change the pattern without messing up the design. I also have to figure out how to use the yarn I have, because I have two very contrasting colors: two deep turquoise, 1 cream. I will need to distribute it throughout the design somehow. I’m not sure what would look nice. I’ll contemplate that this week and see what Bonnie thinks once we are certain the pattern will work.

I also worked on my crochet bag. It is coming along nicely. I’m working my way up the sides now and started the large zigzag pattern. It is coming out pretty well, especially considering it is only about my fourth crocheted item. If it turns out well at all I’ll try making a hat next. I’ve seen a number of patterns I like and my summer hats are getting pretty old.

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