Yikes, it is the last day of July already! I cannot believe how fast this year seems to be going. I think it is in a good way, though. I’m happy, enjoying my job, feeling less stressed than I have in a long time.

I finally finished weeding the garden from hell this morning. I have this one type of weed that is just a bugger to deal with. If even one plant goes to seed you will have thousands of offspring. There is just one other weed I dread seeing as much in my garden and that is sorrel. It spreads by fine runners underground. If you leave even a small piece of that runner in the ground it will sprout and start running all over the garden before you blink an eye.

In the afternoon we drove up into Virginia to pick up a grass catcher for our riding lawnmower. We got the entire lawnmower for $1. You saw that right $1. It is minus the engine because the engine had blown and it was removed for some parts that were still good. So we have the rest of the mower, blades, tires, transmission, etc. plus a two-bag grass catcher all for the gas and $1. It was definitely worth the trip. Now we’ll be able to mulch gardens as we weed them and only have to weed them once a season (maybe twice). We’ll just have to catch the few weeds that do sprout as soon as they come up like I’m trying to do right now in the gardens I’ve mulched. So far it has worked pretty well. None of the mulched gardens have gotten out of hand.

With my husband getting the drip system going and now a way to mulch the gardens, soon the yard work will be cut in about half. That will leave more time to be creative in the garden and do some of the projects, like garden walls, a deck in the woods, and a gazebo with a fire pit in it, plus the picket fence, paths, and other hardscapes.

Hmm, I’m dreaming pretty big aren’t I?

We didn’t get home until late in the afternoon and thunderstorms were threatening. I zoomed outside and finished up the edge mowing I hadn’t completed earlier in the week. It was horribly hot and humid and I came in dripping and exhausted. So exhausted I didn’t feel like doing much of anything. I did manage to make an outrageously good mango lassi. Just fresh and frozen mango, a couple big spoonfuls of yogurt, four ice cubes (ours are the big old fashioned sized ones), some vanilla, a pinch of salt, two tablespoons of Demerara sugar, and maybe a half a cup of water. Put that all in the blender, run it on high for about a minute and presto you have a super cooling and tasty drink.

Needless to say, I had to work hard to stay awake until 9:30.

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