I went back to working on the shade garden this morning. I worked on defining the garden more clearly and cleaning out the area to be planted. I’m hoping to get enough cleaned out in the next round of work that I can plant the dwarf Alberta spruce. I need to be able to see if it is balanced well with its sibling and I think I need at least one more removal of growth before I’ll be able to tell.

Shows a small area free of weeds and the tangle of weeds that still needs to be dealt with to create the new shade garden.
Here’s the beginning of another large shade garden. As you can see I’ve got a lot of work to do to prepare it for plants.

I didn’t spend as much time outside as usual because I was bound and determined to finally get the house cleaned and I did! I’ve tried for the last four days to get the house cleaned up and something has gotten in the way each time. I told my husband last night I was going to work outside for just two hours and then I was coming in and cleaning the house and nothing else was getting in the way. I also told him I would appreciate his help. Between the two of us, we managed to get it all squared away and it feels soooooo much better in here. Gardening season always means the house gets neglected but it reaches a point where I just have to do something about the chaos. Hopefully, this cleaning will last until the weather gets a little cooler and I have more energy.

In the evening I finally settled down and started work on my cross stitch project. Literally, I didn’t work on it one stitch in July. I don’t know why but I never felt like picking it up. I think the main reason is that I am so tired when I come in from working in the garden that I don’t feel like doing much of anything for the rest of the day. It seems to put a damper on my energy level even if I take a rest or nap. I have found that making sure I eat something before I go outside helps but I still come in drained from the heat and humidity. It is less intense this year than in years past, however, it is still a major problem. I sure wish I could press some kind of internal button and be better adjusted to the summer climate here. Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest where the summer temperatures rarely got into the mid-eighties and the humidity was almost always comfortable seems to have made me intolerant to climate extremes, both cold and hot. I am a self-proclaimed cold and hot weather weenie!

Existing Shade Garden filled with plants
Here’s the existing shade garden. I’m really loving the coleus this year. I’ll definitely be planting them again next year!

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