It was so dreary and grey this morning that I just couldn’t muster the energy to work in the garden. I declared it a rest day. Sometimes you just have to take a day away from something in order to renew your interest in it and that was what today was all about.

My husband had a client here at the house at 10:00 a.m. so I settled into my studio to be out of the way. I was in my reading/meditation corner and felt so incredibly tired that I fell asleep and took a long nap! I was really surprised by this because I wasn’t feeling tired when I went in.

Machine embroidery ladybug design
Even though I didn’t have the colors called for I think this design came out pretty cute. I’m looking forward to many more embroidered designs.

In the afternoon I did something incredibly fun. I had downloaded three embroidery designs off the internet and put them on a USB stick several days ago. However, fear of messing up my new machine had kept me from trying them out. I finally got up the courage to give it a go and it worked perfectly! I was so excited to find out that I’m going to be able to download any designs I want, as long as they are in the right format, and use them without having to have a PC (we’re an Apple family). I didn’t have all the right colors of thread so I made up my own coloring for the design and I think it turned out pretty cute.

In the evening we spent a long time reading a book on growing fruit trees and berry bushes. Our fruit tree attempt was a total failure. Learning what we should have done and can still do for the few trees we have left is very encouraging. We’re going to start small with replacing the trees, do one variety of fruit at a time and get it going well before we start another. It will mean waiting longer for our fruit trees to start bearing but at least we’ll have half a chance of getting some fruit from them and them staying alive with all the disease and pests we have here with the hot humid summer climate.

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