Another workday. Luckily it was not quite as rigorous as yesterday. Two reasons why. First, I had to go to a training class, which meant that I got to sit down for an entire hour, yippee! Second, the system that sends me the orders went on the fritz and we didn’t know it. For two hours I only had two orders, which is highly unusual for a Sunday.

We knew something was strange when a guest came in and wanted to know why her order wasn’t ready three hours after placing it (remember I have 20 minutes to fulfill it). Nobody that had done any picking that day remembered her order at all. So, the manager on duty went to pick it for her right then and there. I was about to end my shift. While I was putting the last of my equipment away I heard the familiar “bling” that another order was ready. Then suddenly about seven or eight more blings happened in succession. I was like “what the…?” When I got to the front someone told me that the system had just dropped all the orders that were missing. I felt sorry for the person left to get all those orders done asap but thankful I was on my way home. Technology is great when it works.

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