Finished planting the first of August seeds. I put in lettuce and cucumbers today. For many people planting cucumbers now would seem an exercise in futility. However, we have a long enough growing season here that we should get a fairly decent crop before the first freeze unless it is unusually early.

I found the pea seeds. After looking at the package I probably should put them in now, as well. Most of them said 60 days to harvest. That would put it around the first of October. We usually have our first frost after the 15th of October. That would give us a half a month to harvest and eat yummy homegrown peas. Since I didn’t get any planted earlier for the spring crop I’m going to give it a go.

From that point on the day turned into more of a day of rest than anything else. We had homemade pizza today that was yummy. I was already feeling kinda sleepy before we ate heavy, cheesy pizza so it was no surprise that I fell asleep after eating it.

Tonight was knitting group but I woke up at almost time to leave and just didn’t feel like going. Instead, we watched a movie on TV. I tried to work on my crochet bag. I managed to get one row done before the movie was so engaging I couldn’t keep track of my stitches and felt like I was missing a lot of the storyline by continuing. So, I put it away and concentrated on the movie. 

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