Started gardening time with a walk around to see what needs to be done. One thing that has been a real eyesore since last winter is a huge piece of plastic that was in a heap in the middle of the backyard. This eyesore happened when the weather turned very cold and we were having a hard time keeping the greenhouse above freezing. 

One way to keep an area warmer is to insulate it with layers that will trap air. We took a portion of this huge piece and folded it several times and put it over the greenhouse. Worked like a charm. All winter we used a small space heater to keep it above 40˚F. Only a couple of times did we resort to using the supplemental propane heater on low. We did buy a min/max thermometer with alarm just in case it got colder than predicted. Luckily we were awakened only a couple times the whole Winter.

Anyway, we finally took the time to spread it out and clean it and got it stored out of sight. My husband actually did most of the work because I had some plants that needed transplanting immediately. They are tropical plants that I started from seed. Several of them were well over two feet tall and still in four-inch pots. Even watering them every day was not enough. They were dropping leaves at an alarming rate.

I continued to work on the backyard gardens. I harvested a few yard-long beans and a huge batch of basil. Then I removed the bottom and center leaves on the tomatoes to attempt to keep them disease-free. I may have seen a little early blight. I’m hoping it was just leaves yellowing from lack of water since we still don’t have them on drip.

In the afternoon I took some time to embroider. I don’t know what happened last month. I just never felt the urge to embroider. Every time I’d look at the piece I’d feel no desire at all to work on it. I finally sat myself down and basically forced myself to do just one piece of floss. Once I did, whatever was holding me back melted away and I embroidered for some time. Today I worked on the piece for over an hour as my husband took a long nap. It was something quiet I could do.

In the evening I did one more round on the bag I’m crocheting. It is turning out fairly well. You can tell I’m not an expert crocheter but at least it is looking like the pattern. I’m happy and know that as I do more pieces my tension and stitch definition will get better and better, just like it did with knitting.

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