Used some of the bounty we created yesterday. I thoroughly weeded and mulched two gardens this morning. You can’t imagine how happy that makes me. It means I won’t have to weed them again this year. Plus the plants will be so much happier with a cooling layer of grass over the ground. Every garden I’ve mulched the plants have just sprung to life. The marigolds in the front yard were languishing. They were the parents of the ones I planted in the pepper garden. I mulched them last week and they’ve caught up with their offspring. Now I have lots of beautiful marigolds covered in blossoms.

We scored some items from a neighbor of ours who has basically gutted his house and is having it remodeled. He had a few things for the garden and then we took his kitchen sink (literally). I want an outdoor station for cleaning up the bounty of the garden before bringing it into the house. We’ll build a frame for it and put it at the base of the deck where water is easily accessible. I think we’re going to cop the faucet for the kitchen, though. It is a super deluxe model with the built-in sprayer (you can pull the tap out and use it as a sprayer).

This was all done in hot, humid conditions so I was super ready to get inside and cool off. After lunch, I worked on getting the seeds organized into their new homes. I categorized the herb today. I’ll work on the others over the next few days. Then I’ll be all set for more planting when appropriate. I may start some perennials in the greenhouse this fall and overwinter them since I can keep the temperature above freezing. That way they’ll be ready to plant in the spring.

At the end of the day, I watched a special on PBS. It was the Vienna Philharmonic’s Summer Program. This year they did a tribute to American music. Many of the pieces I played in my youth were on the program and one movement of a favored symphony, Dvorak’s “New World.” It was fun to relive to wonderful days but made me just a little sad that I never was able to make symphony playing my profession. Ah well, life goes on.

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