I was not feeling very well today. I had a headache and my stomach was churning. There were a couple things I need to get done outside. I was going to spray the yard with castor oil. We have a big problem with voles wintering in our yard. They start to show up about mid-August and eat the roots of our plants through the winter. Castor oil doesn’t have much odor to us but voles hate it. I used this in the rental we lived in before we bought this place and it worked like a charm. You spray the garden with a mixture of castor oil water and biodegradable dish soap, then water it into the ground. Kept the voles at bay for the rest of the time we lived in the rental. 

Unfortunately today I had a problem with the hose-end sprayer. It wasn’t picking up the castor oil mixture. So, my dear husband had to give up his time to figure out why it wasn’t working, clean it out and get it going again. That project had to be put on hold until another day, as it was into the afternoon before everything started working again.

The other project I got completed. I needed to trim the tomato plants. I read that keeping the leaves off the ground (which I already knew), keeping the leaves in the center of the plant cut back for better air circulation and doing this weekly can help stave off early and late blight. They are the bane of my tomato growing, especially early blight. As I was trimming I did see two plants that look like they have the beginning of late blight (terrible as it kills the plant completely).

I was still not feeling good at all so the afternoon was rest time for me. I slept for many hours and woke up still feeling crummy.

In the evening we read some in the orchard book. Then I did feel good enough to work on the cross-stitch piece. I’m back in the rhythm of it and I’m enjoying working on it again. I’m making great strides at the moment because I don’t feel like doing much else.

I headed off to bed hoping I would feel much better in the morning.

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