Still feeling very out of sorts today. Hope I can figure out what is causing the sick feeling and correct it. I still had to muster the energy to do little work in the garden. 

I wanted to get the tomatoes sprayed with neem oil today to see if I could nip the late blight I thought I saw yesterday. Another fiasco, as the sprayer came apart, literally. Sarvasri knew what had happened and fixed it for me. I started in again. Suddenly the trombone sprayer would only spray on the pull and not on the push. I managed to finish up the tomatoes but it took twice as long as it should.

Then we headed out to harvest some blueberries. It seems the mockingbirds think it is their own private restaurant. There was hardly a berry that was ripe to harvest. We put some bird netting and any other kind of netting I could find on the latest of the bushes in hopes of getting a decent harvest off that plant. Unfortunately, it was blown off in the huge, and actually scary, thunderstorm we had later in the afternoon.

I was sleeping because I still was feeling under the weather and awoke to a sudden blast of wind. In my sleep stupor, I managed to run out and shut the greenhouse up so it wouldn’t get blown to bits. For the next 30 to 40 minutes we had some of the most severe winds we’ve ever had here. I kept expecting a tornado warning it was that bad. We got ½” of rain at that time, as well. Luckily the damage was minor: a few blown over corn stalks, some garbage from the neighborhood on the lawn, and a few small branches downed. it was an amazing and powerful storm.

In the evening I looked at some knitting needles that are on sale. I’m thinking of getting a set of circulars for doing socks. This means they’ll have permanent cables. I don’t really like working on dpns but would need to learn magic loop knitting to make it effective. I watched a video on this. It seems a little daunting but I think I’ll give it a go on my next set of socks. I’ve picked out the pattern I want to use but will practice magic loop on some scrap yarn until I get the feel for it. I think it is going to take a little getting used to.

I also worked on the cross-stitch piece. It is really coming along again. I’ll be excited to show you the progress at the end of the month, especially since last month was a bust.

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