No work in the garden today. Instead, we spent the m,orning with a lovely young couple who are interested in the same kinds of things we are, esecially my husband’s dreams. We talked for several hours and went out to lunch together. After lunch, the young man had to head off to another meeting so we headed home.

I then gathered together all my shopping stuff and headed out the door to run errands. I had a WordPress Meetup in the evening so went into town early to pick up a few things. I checked out the Bernina foot sale but couldn’t commit to spending another $100 without checking out eBay and Amazon first. There was a new natural food store that had just opened. I didn’t even know it was open, yet, but happened by it so I checked it out as well.

The meeting in the evening was totally lame. I used to get so much good information from the WordPress Meetups but the past several months the presenters haven’t seemed prepared at all. I understand why the group isn’t growing because people are not getting their needs met. They are not learning anything of any value. I’m about to throw in the towel myself.

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