Now that we are going to have a regular supply of grass mulch I started to weed the perennial gardens in the front yard. What a mess! I think I’ve probably said that at least a dozen times this growing season. Without mulch the gardens get invaded by every weed known to man in very short order. It was hot and very humid today and I came in feeling quite drained, even though I felt like myself again yesterday. 

I had harvested our first eggplant several days ago so today I took the time to turn it into my rendition of eggplant parmesan. It is always fun to eat something you’ve grown yourself and the dish I made is one of my favorites. So far we’ve had long beans, pineapple tomatillos, and now eggplant from the garden. The first peppers and tomatoes are coloring up. They should be ready within a week. After that I expect us to have bountiful harvests of the summer crops until frost.

In the afternoon I spent an hour working on my site. There are so many little checkboxes that you need to understand on various plugins that it is slow going. I’m going to try and do an hour a day most days I don’t work. I’m hoping to be able to launch the site by the end of October. We’ll see…

In late afternoon I started in again on the nightie I’m reworking. I think I’ve got a yoke that is going to work just great. Now I need to transfer the pattern to the fabric I’m going to use so that I can put the embroidery on it. That is going to be fun.

In the evening we read in the orchard book. Boy is it discouraging thinking about everything you need to do to successfully prepare to grow fruit trees using biological farming. I’m hoping we can prepare an area this fall, like they suggest, and then plant a couple new fruit trees next spring. We’re going to start very small this time around. One type of fruit at a time. I’m hoping my husband will agree to cherries since they are so expensive. They are also my favorite fruit.

Then I spent about half an hour working on the cross-stitch piece. I’m just about to the halfway point on this pass. I’m going to try and make a little push until the end of the month and get all the way across. That way I’ll be on track for finishing one-half a pass per month since I missed last month completely.

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