Today I replanted the seeds I tried to start in late-July. Almost none of them had come up. I think I left too much mulch on the seeds and then I covered them with window screening to keep the soil cool. I think it was just too dark and damp for them. I removed most of the mulch and did not put screening on them this time. The other part of the garden that I planted after the first of August is up and growing like gangbusters. Hopefully, I’ll see sprouts soon from my replanting. At least I’m about a month ahead of myself this year. That means we’ll probably get a reasonable crop before the first freeze. I put in some snow peas and sugar snap peas in to see if they will produce before the first freeze. I didn’t get a spring crop due to the incursion of the cover crop. It grew way faster than the peas did and shaded them out. No cover crop this time, although we need to start thinking about which gardens we do want to put a cover crop on this fall as planting time will be upon us before you know it.

Then I came in and cataloged all that I had replanted so that I’ll know what comes up from the second seeding.

In the afternoon I worked on transferring the pattern I’d made the other day to the material. Once I did that I figured out how to match up the embroidery pattern with the embroidery hoop. I was a bit befuddled with how to make sure the pattern would come out the direction I want it to when it finally dawned on me to bring up the grid on it. Once I did that I had a clear way to mark where the hoop needs to go to give me the look I want. I was excited but felt too tired to actually work on getting it hooped properly.

While we watched out favorite online show I worked on the cross-stitch piece more. It is really coming along. I’ve finally reached a point where it is looking more like a piece and less like some random stitches. You’ll see the progress at the end of the month. I’m happy with how things are going now. I’m back in a nice rhythm.

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