There seems to be no rest for the weary here. My husband had a big stash of grass clippings for me so I spent time clearing and mulching until nearly lunchtime. I was hot, sweaty and drooping when I finally came in. I made it across the front of the perennial garden and did a portion of what is going to be the rain garden. My husband even mowed our neighbors yard so we’d have more to go around. This afternoon we need to do our own lawn.

Before I braved the hot afternoon sun to mow our yard I worked on the nightie project. I had a little mishap with the embroidery. Let’s just say it was pilot error. I didn’t realize that I needed to flip the embroider two ways in order for it to come out an exact mirror of the first one. I’m glad the first project wasn’t something important, because the second set of flowers are all wonky. I’ll wear it anyway because it’s just a nightie and nobody is going to see it but me. It did however, make me aware that i probably could have avoided the problem if I hadn’t been in such a hurry and had worked through the handbook the friendly Bernina users on the Bernina Lovers Facebook page had recommended. So, in hindsight I’m going to work through both manuals starting tomorrow. This machine has so many bells and whistles that I need to take the time to really learn it. I did my first regular sewing on it. The stitches look wonderful. It will be fun to have the nightie to wear, even if the flowers are a bit misplaced.

I had to stop working on the nightie in order to go out and mow the yard. I do the edge mowing. I mow around all the curves and edges that the riding mower won’t get to. Since we have dozens of gardens there is a lot of mowing. It takes me nearly two hours to do it all. I was again hot, sweaty and drooping when I came in. I made a frozen mango lassi with chocolate chips in it for a dessert, which helped a lot. I no longer felt totally drained. I’m glad it is done for the week. Now I can enjoy the next several days off. I hope to get the nightie put together tomorrow and then decide if I want to do any decorative stitching on it beyond the embroidery.

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