I took advantage of all the mulch we created last night with our mowing. I worked on cleaning and mulching the outer edge of the shade garden. This is the part of the garden that gets the most overrun with weeds because it gets the most sun. I didn’t quite finish so will pick up where I left off tomorrow. I did, however, get inside at a decent hour.

In the afternoon I took care of some local business. Then my husband wanted help setting up the new wifi dongle for the TV. We worked on it for quite some time but could never get the dongle to recognize our wifi. It wouldn’t even find it.

So, after much frustration, I turned to something more fun. I finished my reworked on the nightie! I think it turned out pretty well, except for the embroidery. I tried to figure out how to make a mirror image on my own and it didn’t work at ALL. The actual yoke worked out quite well and now I can use that nightie for a few more years. I will post a picture once it is washed. The water-soluble pen didn’t wash out well at all with just a sponge. I’m hoping it will come out in the wash. I used an air soluble pen, as well, but it didn’t come out either. I’m hoping that it will succumb to a good washing, otherwise, I will have several permanent marking dots right near the embroidery, sigh. I was glad to get it done before the summer is over. At least I’m starting to get more regular with my projects.

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