Finished up with the mulch we had, unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to complete the front of the shade garden. I’ll have to finish it up when we mow next time. Once I had that as finished as I could get it, I moved over to the new garden I put in this Spring. I started to remove the weeds back toward the wooded area so that I can plant some shrubs in there next month.

I’m not sure what happened during the afternoon but I didn’t seem to get much of anything done. All of a sudden it was almost time to leave for the knitting group. I ran around and grabbed what I needed and headed out.

Lucky for me Bonnie was there and I talked with her about the alpaca yarn I had purchased. I picked up another skein in a coordinating color so that I could have more options on what to knit. After some discussion and input from others in the group, we decided that there was one clear winner. It is supposed to be knit in fingerling weight yarn and I have DK so there is going to have to be some finagling to get the pattern to work out. I’m supposed to do a gauge swatch this week so she can help me figure out exactly what we’re going to do to make it come out properly. Luckily it is not a fitted garment. It is, in fact, supposed to be very loose, like a large tunic.

I spent the rest of the evening working on my crocheted bag. It is coming along nicely. I’m finally having some fun with crochet. For some reason, it has been much harder for me to learn to crochet reasonably well than it did to knit. I took to knitting like a fish to water. Crochet and I have had a long uncomfortable dance trying to get it so that I don’t feel like I’m at war with a piece of yarn, lol.

Progress made on crochet bag
Here’s a peak at the crochet bag I’m working on.

Lucky for me, my sister helped me learn to crochet better with a long-distance crochet-along (she’s in Germany, I’m in the USA). I managed to crochet six rectangular placemats and they came out the right shape and useable. Unfortunately, though, it was still a struggle to keep everything straight. With the bag, there is no straight, phew. It is round. The only tricky place is when I start the next round, making sure I get my first stitch in the right place. I’ve managed to have the pattern come out correctly so far. It is easier to tell where to start your first stitch if you know that you have so many stitches in one color before you change and the change needs to be on the second stitch in the new color from the last round. Don’t look too closely, though, I still don’t always keep my tension the same so there are a few “holes.”

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