Just as I suspected I had overdone the mulch on the seeds in the fall garden the first time. I looked today and most of them are sprouting already. It has only been five days and even the peas are coming up. It looks like we’ll have a decent fall garden after all. 

Today was tomato day. I’m trying to spend one morning each week working on the tomatoes. This means trimming any leaves that look diseased or that are filling in the center too much, taking off suckers, and, if I see any disease, spraying them with neem oil. I had to do all of that today. Sadly I think I’m seeing some late blight on some of the larger plants. This is bad as they have just started producing. Late blight is fatal. No cure unless the neem does the trick. A few other plants looked like they had a little early blight on them. That is easier to deal with. Just keep the leaves picked and the plant will keep growing and producing. We’ll see if my being very regular with care will nip the disease in the bud. I sure hope so.

In the afternoon we continued trying to figure out what we want to do for our 30th anniversary. We had a plan all made and then found out that some of the information we got was incorrect and that threw a wrench in the works. So we tried to find something similar to do to no avail. That was yesterday afternoon. Today, I gave up on that idea and just started looking for anything interesting. Finally gave up when I felt too frustrated.

In the evening we went out a picked some blueberries. The last bush is ripening but was not as ripe as we thought it would be. Then we turned our attention to the grapes. We thought we only had Concord variety and they were not ripe enough (making pucker face from the sourness). Then I looked and some of the still green grapes looked like they were ripe. They had a beautiful rosy hue on them. I picked one, ate it, and yum! It was ripe. We harvested a huge big bowl of them. All from a grape variety we didn’t even know we had! Unfortunately, there were lots of grapes that had been eaten by bugs of birds and some that had shriveled up, probably because we were waiting for them to turn purple. This is the biggest harvest we’ve ever gotten off our grapes and we still have the Concord variety left to harvest when it gets a little sweeter. That was amazing.

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