It seems I didn’t want just a Saturday this week. When I started to get ready to work in the yard I had such a lack of desire that I realized I needed another play day. I did a lot of searching for embroidery software. I still don’t have a very good idea of what I want or need. The simple $50 program may be what I end up with for the time being. I need to get a better handle on what it is I’m going to want to digitize and my ability to create something unique, i.e., actually draw what it is I want so I can digitize it. I’ll see if I can draw up what I want. If not the first thing might be to take a drawing class so that I can create what I want and then maybe a digital drawing class so that I can learn how to translate what I draw on paper into drawing electronically. It will be much easier to digitize something I can draw on the computer. I’ll have to watch a few videos to see what all is involved but I’m pretty sure I have to at least be able to draw the outline of what I want. Anyway, it is something I will continue to explore because I want to be ready to pick an appropriate app when the time comes and not have to do months of looking when I’m ready to start creating my own designs.

I also took a very long nap in the afternoon. I think the three day weekend was more tiring than I realized. Unfortunately, my nap got interrupted four times by robocalls, grrrr!

I woke up and thought I would have time to play with my new couching foot but when I opened the box I managed to drop a tiny piece I needed. I had to find that with a magnet. By the time I had that done, I only had time to pull out some cording that might work before it was time for knitting group.

I got a lot done on my bag last night. I got to start the last color and I think I’m really going to enjoy using it when it is done. The grey, that looked so blue when I only had the peach with it, now looks grey. The addition of the light turquoise has changed the way the eye picks it up. That is a relief because I don’t think the blue would have worked in the long run or at least not very well.

Then I came home and worked on the cross-stitch piece for more than an hour. I’m past the halfway mark. I probably won’t get this pass totally finished this month but I’m going to get close. I’m at the point where I’m doing bigger blocks of color, which actually go faster than when I have to switch colors all the time. I don’t have to do as much counting and checking the pattern over and over to make sure I’m stitching properly. It is looking prettier and prettier. I’ll post another picture of my progress at the end of the month.

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