Finally, started the day with some work in the yard. My husband had collected some more grass clippings so first order was to cover the garden I had cleared out at the end of last week. Then I worked on the perennial garden some more. I ended the morning by clearing out the weeds at the back of the Kousa dogwood garden.

After breakfast, I took the time to play with my free-motion couching foot. I’m going to really love this critter. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any real 2mm cording. I played around a little bit with a scrap of fingerling yarn. It isn’t really right for this process but it did give me an idea of what I’m going to be able to do one I have the right supplies.

Since I couldn’t do anything else with the foot (I tried some tiny ribbon. It didn’t work at all.) I spent about an hour researching 2mm cording. I’ve got email inquiries to several companies about whether their cord is washable. On some projects it won’t matter but the first project I want to do is a robe that must be wash and wear.

In the afternoon I needed to run an errand and on the way back stopped at the Dollar General Store. It is one that is nearby but I’d not been to it. It is much bigger and better stocked than the one I usually go to and I found some craft cording that I’m going to try on the machine. It will just be for practice but at least I’ll get a chance to get more proficient with the foot before I try it on a garment.

In the late afternoon and most of the evening I worked on the cross-stitch piece. I got quite a bit done and feel if I take a couple extra long sessions I might be able to catch up to where I had hoped to be by this time. Getting this far down on the piece is really making a difference in how appealing it is. The flowers, leaves, and stems are starting to make some sense together instead of looking like a bunch of disconnected pieces.

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