It was absolutely lovely outside this morning and I didn’t get outside until after 8:00 a.m. A cold front came through cooling us down to mid-September temperatures with low humidity. I cleaned out most of one of the large foundation gardens in anticipation of doing some mowing later today. That way the weed seeds won’t have a chance to do anything before they are buried. That is my focus these days. Weed and mulch, one right after the other as much as possible.

I am really enjoying the Bernina Lover’s Facebook page. I’ve already asked numerous questions and the members freely share their ideas, experiences and recommendations. I’ve already had many pointers on how to learn to use my machine correctly and suggestions on software, etc. They are a very savvy group. If you have a Bernina, young or old, this is a group worth considering. It is quite active and you’ll get a response within an hour or two. They also don’t try to act like they know things they don’t. If they don’t have the answer they tell you and send you where you can find it.

In the late afternoon and evening, I did another marathon cross-stitch session. I don’t think I’m going to get completely caught up but it is going to be close. If I hadn’t made two mistakes today, having to remove stitches and redo them, I probably would get very close.

I also spent some time looking for a flower in the embroidery patterns I have on my wish list on two sites. I need one for the napkins I want to make. It needs to coordinate with the flower on the tablecloth. I think I found one but it was so late in the evening I didn’t try it out. It is too large so I’ll scale it down in my machine and recalculate the stitches. Hopefully, it will come out nicely. I need to check my stash in the morning and see if I have anything that will work for the napkins, otherwise I get to go fabric shopping!

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