Today started out slowly. I have been feeling like I need to do some deep inner work. I’ve been out of sorts for a long time now and it feels like time for completion and healing on many levels. I started journaling again this morning (a personal journal, not a creativity journal). I’ve felt like I’ve been drifting for the past several years and now it is time for me to find my next port of call. So, I spent some time this morning figuring out, though journaling, what it is I need to next discover about myself and life.

Once that was complete I spent some time quietly contemplating those questions so that my focus can be on finding the answers through whatever life presents to me. Then and only then did I start my regular routine. Since it was so late in the morning I skipped working in the garden. Also, late this afternoon I need to complete the mowing I started last week. With the hurricane looking at the East Coast pretty seriously there is a possibility we’ll get some pretty heavy rains later in the week. Luckily we’re not close to the coast. We usually just get some wild winds and heavy rain for a day. That’s about as close to a hurricane as I want to get.

In the afternoon I spent time getting caught up on household stuff, bills, yard watering, that sort of stuff. Then I continued my search for a nice Airbnb place for our 30th-anniversary getaway. In the late afternoon, I finally bit the bullet and finished the edge mowing. My husband got on the riding mower while I did my part. It was hard work but the yard looks wonderful now.

After it got dark I spent some time working on my cross-stitch piece. I’m hoping to work on it most days that I don’t go to work. That way I should get caught up and get this next month’s “quota” done as well. It is not that I’m on a strict regimen, however, I want to complete this piece within a couple years and that means making an effort to stay on a schedule. If I miss too many weeks or months it will drag on for years. I want it hanging on my wall sooner rather than later.

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