I started the morning by working on cleaning out the perennial garden in the front. This is a new section. I had cleaned it out early this spring but the weeds here are relentless. I decided to leave it be until I had mulch to cover it. I’m readying it for the next mowing. Soon it will be time to start moving plants.

I will be moving some of the plants that are in the original perennial garden since that garden needs a major overhaul. I also made a quick pass with the weed whacker. I’m trying to stay ahead of the creeper grass until we get the air pruning done. The front yard is looking quite lovely these days, even with the weeds lurking in amongst the flowers.

The afternoon was spent running errands. We were out of a number of things I can only get in town so I made a big list and zoomed around trying to get everything. That way I won’t have to go back for at least a month (this is not the town I work in).

In the evening I enjoyed conversation and crocheting with the gang at the knitting group. I call it a knitting group because that is what I usually do there. It is really a needlework group, as members do knitting, crocheting, tatting, or embroidery. I got one full row done on my bag. It’s amazing that it takes me two hours to go around it. Of course, there are interruptions to talk with someone, admire someone’s progress, or listen in on a good story. 

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