9/4/19 – Wed

More weeding in the garden. I’ve got to really get going and get the areas I have plants for cleaned and ready. The weather can break any time now. With the cooler temperatures, I can merrily put them in the ground without too much concern (there’s always some concern when you transplant something).

I decided to split my time this morning. I have a plethora of shiso plants that seeded themselves in this spring. They are starting to bloom, which means I have to get rid of them before they seed in another million for next spring.

Isn’t it funny how you want a plant so badly but when it turns into a “weed” it suddenly loses all its allure? I love the flavor of shiso but it freely self-seeds. They came up all over the property, even in areas I had never planted them, including the grass. This means I either “weed” them relentlessly until they quit coming up or live with gardens smothered in shiso. I sort of opted for the smothered effect this year but not in years to come. They are very tasty but don’t hold well after cutting and are virtually tasteless when dried. We can only eat them fresh. That means I only need two or three plants at the most. Next year I will decide where my three plants are going and use them until they flower. Then I’ll remove them to keep them from taking over. It is amazing the number of plants that just go bonkers in this climate. I have a number of plants that I have to really rein in every year because they would become worse than my most detested weeds if not!

The last thing I did was to put some drip irrigation on one set of tomatoes. I finally took the time to go through the pile of hoses and found two that I can use on the tomatoes (they are in two different gardens). The rest of the hoses look like they are broken and need to be tossed. The other hose, like the one I used, might be able to put on the other tomatoes. I didn’t have time for that today, though. I’ll do it tomorrow. My husband thinks they are not getting enough water and he is probably right. 

To avoid the many diseases that afflict tomatoes in this area of the country, you do not overhead water them. This year I never got a chance to look at what we had left for drip hoses, plus we were supposed to put in garden walls that would probably have meant reworking what we’d already done. I’ve been hand watering them and although disease has not been as prevalent, neither have tomatoes. Now that we’re at the end of the season they are starting to show signs of disease, late blight, which is the worst. My husband sprayed them with a concoction that supposed to help stop the blight (even though they say it can’t be stopped) but without enough water, they will just get some other disease. They need water, just like we do. They can’t live without it, just like we can’t. If they don’t have enough water some of the nutrients they need get bound up in the soil and are literally unavailable for up to three months. This means, since I probably missed watering them more than once, my poor little tomatoes are not getting vital nutrients to produce healthy crops. We’ve started supplementing the nutrients that may not be available. I gave them a good long soaking today. Hope this makes them happier.

My husband had a meeting in the evening so I got to have some alone time. Since I had spent most of the afternoon doing household stuff I decided to spend some time doing creative things. I worked on my crochet bag a little. Then I worked on my cross-stitch. I didn’t get as much done on that because I had made a mistake and had to take out some stitches and redo them properly. I don’t know what my problem is, I’ve been making mistakes over the past few days that are bad enough that I have to take stitches out and redo, ugh!

Later in the evening, I spent some time looking at my stash to see if I have fabric to make the kombucha cover I need. I still haven’t found a piece of fabric I know I have so I’ve decided that I will go with some plain red fabric and do some decorative stitching to make it prettier. I have this incredible new machine to play with!

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