It was harvest time this morning. I got a few long beans, some tomatoes, a lot of pineapple tomatillos, and sweet peppers. Then I headed over and helped my husband harvest some concord grapes. We got more grapes this year than we have in all the past years combined! It was amazing!

After I finished harvesting I put another drip line on the second tomato garden. This ended up being a little bit of a problem-solving situation. The hose is old and broken so I had to find something to plug the end. I used a small, strong clamp for that. Then I tested it and it had another big tear near the other end. In the past, we had used some small plastic tubes and screw clamps (not the technical term) to hold the piece together but this hose was too small for what we’d used before. I went through our box of tubing and the only thing I found that worked was a 6” piece of copper tubing. It looks a little ridiculous but it works. I only need it to last this year and then it can go to broken hose heaven.

I spent a good deal of time in the afternoon looking for 2mm cording to use with my new foot. I’ve found a bunch but nothing in a good color. I’ve decided to scratch my brainstorm and go back to my original idea for the robe. I’ll get some cording for a different project sometime soon.

In the evening my husband was gone again so I did a repeat of yesterday. I worked on my crochet bag and the cross-stitch project. I made good progress on both.

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