Today was my Saturday so I didn’t do any work in the yard. I find that, even though I don’t work in the yard on the days I work, I need one day of no yard work. I’ve chosen Mondays.

I spent most of the day today perusing embroidery designs. I’ve found so many designs I want to stitch and a very cute set, I’m probably going to purchase, of birds from around here: chickadees, titmice, and cardinals. However, I can see that I could get very addicted to surfing the net in pursuit of perfect designs. So, from now on I’ll have to limit my time.

I did get started on the kombucha maker cover but didn’t get nearly as much done as I wanted. The after workdays syndrome sometimes makes me pretty lazy and today was definitely a lazy day.

In the late afternoon, I did manage to sit down and do some embroidery. I’m still not finished with the section I wanted to complete last month. It is taking longer than I thought it would. It still looks like another couple stitching sessions and I thought I’d have it done in four days…

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