Got a late start this morning. I seem to be running out of steam for gardening. Every day it is more and more of a chore to get myself out into the yard. I think if the hot weather would finally break I would be more enlivened to get things done. However, the incessant heat has worn me down to the point that I no longer want to work outside. 

It was very cloudy this morning so I ended up working outside longer than anticipated, almost until lunchtime. I started with doing some of the repotting of my many amaryllis plants. Boy do they ever need it. These are the ones I started from seed. They are now going into one-gallon pots. I am actively looking for homes for most of them but I am going to be very particular about who gets them. I don’t want them to end up in the garbage or compost pile after all these years of tender loving care.

I then moved on to working on the front garden digging out more grass and making room for my beautiful huge yellow daylilies. They need to be moved to make room for a front porch. I put a big piece of plastic under me in hopes of keeping the chiggers off me. It seems the front garden is inundated with them and I have the bites to prove it, sigh.

In the afternoon I worked on the ladybug kombucha cover in earnest. My ever faithful, 30-year-old serger had some problems completing the edging. I ended up doing it three times to get it looking decent. Even then there are some skipped stitches. It has never done that before?!

I fused the ladybug piece to the rest of the cover and attempted to sew it in place. I was using the Bernina and just having a terrible time getting the tension right. Again, I removed the stitches three times because it started to bunch the fabric. I think I’m going to pull the Janome out for this part. Its automatic tension is a dream and works perfectly every time. I want to learn how to do it on the Bernina but my patience has worn out and I just want the project done and ready to use. I’ll continue to practice with some scraps until I can get the Bernina to hum for me. We’re still getting used to each other.

I went to knitting group and finished another row on the bag. It is really turning out cute and I wish it would get finished so I can use it. Each row takes me about an hour, though, so it is not a fast process. I’m an extremely slow crocheter. Since this is colorwork it takes me even longer because I have to keep switching colors and making sure I’m carrying the unused color in each stitch.

In the evening, while watching TV, I continued to look at the $1 embroidery patterns and put them in my wish list. Egad I have a huge wishlist. I need to try using one of the designs I just purchased and see how it turns out. I think it is always a good idea to see the quality of the different company’s designs. Of course, I’m only doing them on muslin so they aren’t fancy. So far, I’ve only had one design that hasn’t worked out very well and that might be because of the thread I used. I need to get some bobbin weight thread. It is lighter and may keep the fabric from puckering when the stitches get dense. I also need to find out, for sure, when I need to add a layer of stabilizer. I’ve heard various options but need to call the local Bernina dealer and ask her about my particular machine and what stabilizer is the best.

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