What a frustrating morning! We needed to find the box of small drip tubing to do a project. My husband’s storage building is in total disarray and it took us almost the entire gardening time to find the stupid box. He had inadvertently moved it to the wrong side of the building and stuffed it full of junk on top of the tubing. That is why we couldn’t find it. I love my husband but sometimes I get so aggravated with him and his penchant to be totally disorganized. I did manage to salvage a little bit of time and get the vegetable gardens edged with the weed whacker.

In the early afternoon, I got some bad news. A high school classmate of mine let me know that she has cancer and it isn’t looking good. That makes me really sad. I spent a long time chatting with the friend that contacted me on her behalf. I’ve contacted her and offered my husband’s expertise if she’s interested. We’ll see if she’s interested.

Since I’m alone in the afternoon I’m had creative time after a late lunch. I decided to work on the crochet bag first. However, when I picked up the bag I realized I had made a big mistake at the beginning of the last row. I pulled out the stitches back to that point but didn’t actually work on it. I picked up the cross-stitch instead. I worked on it for a while and then my husband came home way early and that ended my creative time.

I did get the back lawn mowed today. It was so long after just a week. I was amazed! Came in all tuckered out so just had a lassi and watched TV. While watching TV I was looking at the embroidery designs I had picked out because they sent me a code for $5 off a purchase. This was because of the trouble they had with their site and me thinking all my designs were gone. In fixing one problem they, unfortunately, created another, which was the disappearance of most of my (and I think others as well) stored designs. They are all back and I’ll start downloading them tomorrow. I think I’ve picked out the five I want, but want to sleep on it and decide in the morning. So many goodies!

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